La xénophobie où on ne l’attend pas…

Le président Zuma a exposé récemment que les violences xénophobes étaient l’héritage de l’apartheid… si l’apartheid et le passé violent de l’Afrique du Sud sont en effet responsables de ces violences inouïes qui frappent encore les étrangers noirs, tout n’est pas aussi simple et j’oserais dire simpliste. En 1994, Nelson Mandela est élu président de […]

Satyagraha House, on Top Billing TV show on 23rd april

The Satyagraha House is proud to announce that the living museum and guesthouse will be featured on the Top Billing TV show on SABC 3 on Thursday 23rd April at 20:30 and will be repeated on Sunday 26th April at 12:00. This house which is registered as part of Johannesburg’s historical heritage, is in the […]

I am kenyan !

Yesterday, april 2nd ,147 students have been killed in the Garissa university in Kenya, 100km from the somali border. 147 symbols of Africa who try everyday to stand up and go forward. 147 children of Africa, symbol of the fight between knowledge and education against obscurantism. 147 souls who show the world the loneliness of […]