The 10 reasons why you should visit South Africa in 2020

South Africa is now within the group of the very few destinations shouldn’t be impacted by the up and down from trends … indeed, in the world of travel as in others, the trends are both a blessing and a plague. A blessing because the country « fashionable » enjoys a breath of fresh air; the press […]

Satyagraha House, on Top Billing TV show on 23rd april

The Satyagraha House is proud to announce that the living museum and guesthouse will be featured on the Top Billing TV show on SABC 3 on Thursday 23rd April at 20:30 and will be repeated on Sunday 26th April at 12:00. This house which is registered as part of Johannesburg’s historical heritage, is in the […]

I am kenyan !

Yesterday, april 2nd ,147 students have been killed in the Garissa university in Kenya, 100km from the somali border. 147 symbols of Africa who try everyday to stand up and go forward. 147 children of Africa, symbol of the fight between knowledge and education against obscurantism. 147 souls who show the world the loneliness of […]

South Africa in spite of South Africa

I am not used to contest or criticize South Africa in this blog… but some new events this summer lead me today to ask for a change! South Africa is seriously increasing the number of foreign visitors since the past 2 years. This is due to the political stability, the wonderful image given by the […]

Why do I love South Africa ?

Hey guys! Did you never hear this question from you wife or girlfriend: “Why do you love meeeee?”. Certainly the most complicated question to reply to. Obvious when you love, but also impossible to explain with words when you really love. At least, this is my opinion. Then for my 50th post on this blog, […]

Happy birthday Satyagraha House

2 years since Satyagraha House has been opened, 2 years which were very rich in how a magical and innovative idea became true… how South African people met the house and how foreigners discovered it. 2 years with nearly no staff turnover (a great result for South Africa), 2 years and 2000 clients stayed there. […]

Introduction to Satyagraha in South Africa

I am right now in the biggest indian city outside India, Durban in South Africa, the perfect Time to sum up this project. Making it « little » is a bit of a challenge, as Satyagraha House was such a human and personnal adventure for most of us who worked on the project. I am Fabrice Dabouineau […]

Gumboot in front of Eiffel Tower

Please find below a weblink to the flash mob which takes place on Tracadero Plaza in front of Eiffel Tower dedicated to South Africa.     Have a great day