Why do I love South Africa ?

Hey guys! Did you never hear this question from you wife or girlfriend: “Why do you love meeeee?”. Certainly the most complicated question to reply to. Obvious when you love, but also impossible to explain with words when you really love. At least, this is my opinion. Then for my 50th post on this blog, I wanted to speak to the South African people, living in South Africa saying them how much I love their country and how much it deserves to be loved. Then, I hurt myself by having to explain the unexplainable love I feel for this country. Then, I’ll only give my personal reasons. I don’t say these reasons are good and clever. It is just and only my reasons.

I love the history of this country and I think South African people should love it. Even the worst parts; the reconciliation period of time learnt to all of us that the past has to be said, explained, looked straight. No shame, just look. No proud as well, just know the past, don’t ignore it. Don’t even do or act as if nothing happened. What I love is the way this country, and this people, as a nation, forgave the past. I know the nation has been guided by its father. But forgiveness is definitely what makes me love this country.

I love the people. Of course some of them are silly, stupid. They just are humans. But I love the way of enjoying life, taking care of the nature, looking forward, always attracted by the future and the progress. I like that. I like this feeling that nature is always there, powerful… dangerous in many ways. It makes life more fragile, then more valuable. Even if you leave in a big city, you are connected with nature, seasons and wilderness is always not far. I like joking, talking, being friendly, quickly. No need to be there for years, you can feel good quickly. OK, it won’t last! And so? At least, for a while, in the present moment, You are happy enjoying good moments with others.

South Africa is a giant with many faces. Landscapes are so different, each of us love different parts of this country, but we deeply love it. I love cities, townships energy, I love the bush, the deep bush, alone; I love driving, walking, breathing after the summer rain. I love the smell of the pollution in town, of the dirty markets, the funny panels for funny shops. I love the ladies having a funny thing over their head and walking kilometres easy with that.

I love black people, because they are courageous, proud, their culture, the music, the dance, the movies. I like the new generation, modern, creative, moving to an unexpected future. I love the ridiculous taste for bling bling things, big cars, shiny on Sunday. I like the way they look at me (too white I am). I am happy to see them walking free. I would like more for them.

I love white people who live in South Africa. Because they are there, they stay there in spite of everything. They deserve this country as anyone. I love more, the one who could afford to leave but who decide to stay. I love those who fight with arts, associations, by developing their business, building homes, believing still in this country.

There is much more I love. And as a country, there is much more I don’t like. But this is not the purpose of my blog. And actually, this is useless to focus on bad points. Let’s do the medias do their negative job. And let’s love this country and act to make this love winning against bad points which are numerous of course. I don’t love South Africa because of its lions, cheetah and the woooonderful view from the table mountain. I love South Africa because history is walking there, each South African can make things being better, everything is possible. The worst… but also the Best!!


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